a turnkey

Our comprehensive turn-key services ensure that the entire building process is handled from concept to completion by our knowledgable and experienced professional team.


Before starting, we ensure we fully understand our client’s dreams, preferences, and requirements. We focus on designing custom homes with great floor plans, practical living areas, and attractive curb appeal. We assess all the options - from vision to constraints - and are clear on the budget and established project brief.


The next step is to develop the design, plan the costing, and programme the project, allowing for contingencies and inevitabilities. We understand that ‘things happen’ and we allow margins for it. You will work with our project manager to select all of the finishes for your home, marrying practicality with aesthetic appeal to create a cohesive design tailored around your specific budget. We provide guidance to assist you in making key decisions. Through our experience, we can advise on creative solutions, recommend materials, and suggest new products on the market. Throughout the planning process we will be assessing the costing and establishing a price. Our object is to provide an accurate quotation which will give you a precise cost of the finished project before we start.


Staying ahead of the pack is essential when it comes to construction. HLP Construction now offers a ground-breaking virtual reality experience to our clients as part of our building package. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional environment with which a person can interact with. In the construction industry, a person will be able to ‘walk through’ his or her virtual home or office, experiencing the space as if it were real. Virtual Reality allows you to experience the design of your home or office even before construction has commenced. The benefits of Virtual Reality to you are: • It aids in the visualisation of the design of your property ahead of time. This will enable you to make amendments to the design, as well as give you a lifelike experience of what the property will look like once completed. • It reduces rework, which takes time and costs money to do, by allowing you to alter the design if needed, early on in the design phase. • It can be implemented as a visual tool when selecting different finishes such as flooring.


Our project specialist then organises the appropriate teams and prepares the paperwork for the construction. Procurements and procedures are arranged to secure timeous and cost effective resources. All plans are approved by local authorities.


Construction of the home begins with our inhouse masonry, framing and finish crews; managed by a project manager who provides the home-owner with regular updates. By directly employing each of these crews we control the quality, communication and time frame. The managers and specialists on each of these crews have developed a clear understanding of the level of craftsmanship required in each HLP Construction home.


We micro manage, administer and monitor all aspects of the construction to ensure it is carried out - not only according to plan and design - but also according to legislation, safety, standards and labour.


Once the final product meets your expectations, and our quality assessments, we complete the project closeout according to project management principles. This is your opportunity to go through the building work, and receive all the certificates and relevant documents. And through it all we will be communicating and listening. Isn't that what you would expect from the people who are building your dream?


Our skills and methodology evolve as we grow.
We are continually finding more effective and efficient styles of project management, supervision and partnerships.